Photographer Steven Breen is noted for his skill in shooting live bands and events, particularly in his hometown of Enniskillen.

Having recently captured striking photographs of local bands Taobh Eile, Midnight Graffiti and The Hand me Downs, to name a few, Steven explained that his favourite subject matter is "definitely people."

He said: "You could have one day to photograph one person, but depending on location, outfit, lighting etcetera, you can convey so many different styles and emotions in your images."

"The possibilities are endless," he added.

Developing his skills by attending a part-time course at South West College, Steven quickly realised that he could turn his photography into more than just a hobby.

"I began shooting lots of gigs in Enniskillen to gain experience and start building up a portfolio which has now allowed me to undertake such projects like shooting promotional material for the newly established Enniskillen Taste Experience," he said.

Describing his photography style as "very modern," Steven has a keen interest in technology and uses a Nikon D7200 camera body with various types of lenses to capture the best quality shots.

"I am big into technology so when that comes to photography I want my photos to be the sharpest and clearest they can be given the conditions," he said.

For his photography, Steven draws inspiration from film and TV photographers such as Niko Tavernise (John Wick) and Helen Sloan (Game of Thrones).

"Not only do you get to see images of your favourite characters but you can learn so much about photography and lighting just from scrolling their social media pages," he explained.

Offering advice to amateur photographers wanting to improve their skills, Steven said: "I cannot recommended a basic photography course enough to really understand how to use your camera."

"You never know where it could lead," he added.