After suffering years of sexual abuse she claims inflicted by several Orangemen, Sara (not her real name) says she was then abused by a man in his own home as his wife looked on.

The man is now a school bus driver and it is the second time the allegations of child sex buse allegations have been made to this newspaper about this man.

And Sara can remember the incidents “as if it were yesterday” while her father has also come forward, independently, to corroborate her version of events.

He also claims he witnessed the man making inappropriate sexual remarks before “taking the trousers off” a young girl “no older than 14 or 15”.

As Sara lay in bed she could hear the family friend creeping up the stairs of his home and before long he would get into the bed beside her where he would take her clothes off. Then he’d sexually abuse her, she says, sometimes as his wife looked on.

She was 10 years old when she began babysitting for the family friend, a man she claims repeatedly sexually abused her as his own children slept in the next bed.

For Sara the abuse by this man was frequent and occurred, she says, under the watch or supervision of his wife.

“His wife used to walk around naked. When she first did it I thought it was a bit weird, but I thought I was safe when she was there, I was wrong,” she said.

She recalled one of those encounters.

“There I was in that bed on the left hand side, the other children were asleep and there he would come in and all he was wearing was a pair of bottled green Y-fronts, I remember that.

“He got into bed and tried to get off whatever I was wearing. I was pushing him to get off me, I heard her footsteps, I thought it was over, I thought she’d make it stop.

“But she got into bed beside us and she held me down so he could rape me, they didn’t want to wake the children.”

Sara reported this man, along with others, to the police but her case was later dropped by the Public Prosecution Service due to a lack of evidence.

The claim, however, is that this man went on to abuse at least one other child who contacted this newspaper earlier this year.

“This man is a school bus driver, he drives a bus with children on it! How many kids’ lives could have been different if the police had listened to me 20 years ago?

“You talk about David Sullivan abusing children on his school bus? This is another school bus driver and the reality is an abuser never stops abusing,” she said.

“I am speaking out in the hope that it helps other victims and survivors and that we can all do more to protect children from these evil predators,” added Sara.