A masked man purporting to be representing the Continuity IRA (CIRA) has gone on Swedish television to claim the group was responsible for a suspected bomb attack at Wattlebridge near Newtownbutler two weeks ago.

The man who held an assault rifle throughout the interview has claimed the organisation was responsible for the incident at the Border which was claimed at the time was intended to kill police and Army bomb disposal officers.

Officers had been lured to the area by a hoax device while a second device exploded as they were at the scene said police at the time.

The CIRA spokesman said it was also behind the firing of a horizontal mortar at a passing police patrol on the Tullgally Road area of Craigavon in July. There were no injuries in either incident.

The video, which emerged this week, comes as a source in the area has raised doubts over the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s version of events in the aftermath of the incident. At the time the PSNI blamed the Continuity IRA for the bomb which it described as “indiscriminate and reckless” claiming it was a "deliberate attempt" to lure police and troops into the area to try to kill them.

But aside from the masked man whose identity cannot be verified it is claimed the CIRA has not admitted responsibility nor has it a current presence in Fermanagh.

“The CIRA has not been active in Fermanagh for years,” said a source. “The group could not have been behind this.

In the video the man claimed that more attacks are imminent as the CIRA has "regrouped and rearmed".

Referring to Wattlebridge, he said: "Volunteers of the IRA, acting under orders from the Continuity Army Council, carried out these attacks.

"Those attacks were in response to the British forces in this country. Those attacks will continue. We don’t need to justify our actions to anybody, we hold our allegations to the Irish Republic.

Asked if Brexit was motivating the attacks, he said: “It has to a certain extent, it doesn't matter what Britain does, we want Britain out of Ireland.”

"The likes of Border posts, military checkpoints across the Border, it will give us further opportunity to attack the crown forces at the checkpoints.

“Our organisation has been preparing for a long time for this,” he said.

In a statement PSNI Detective Superintendent Sean Wright told the press: "We are aware of this video and are currently reviewing its contents.

“The threat level against police officers in Northern Ireland remains severe and investigations into recent attacks against police officers in Craigavon and Newtownbutler are ongoing.

"Those responsible for these attacks clearly do not care about their communities or the lives of those who live in the local areas."

Independent Councillor John McCluskey said “many questions remain” over the events last month.

“Firstly, we do not know who received the initial call. Was it a media group? Was it a journalist? Or who was it? Was a recognised code word used? Who, if anyone, claimed it?

“Did the device that was at the concrete gate pillar fully explode or partially explode? What size was that device? What type of device was it? Was it Semtex explosives? Was it a missile device? How was the device detonated?

“Can the PSNI tell us what if any forensics or fingerprints were looked for or found? Can they put on display what was recovered from either of the two devices or the scene generally?” he asked.