A march in support of Kevin Lunney who was abducted, beaten and left for dead in a savage attack on Tuesday night will take place later today.

It comes as more details of the injuries sustained by Mr. Lunney emerge. 

A dozen-strong gang is believed to have prepared a horsebox as a mobile torture chamber before they carried out a two hour attack on Mr. Lunney.

The Irish Times reports that some of the 50-year-old businessman’s fingernails were pulled out, his face and neck were slashed with a Stanley knife and his right leg was badly broken twice below the knee by a wooden post or a metal bar.

Meanwhile, the attackers, whom police believe have carried out attacks before, took care not to leave behind incriminating DNA evidence, pouring industrial-strength bleach over Mr. Lunney’s wounds, causing excruciating pain.

A short march will take place at 3pm in Derrylin where workers will read a statement in support of Mr. Lunney and his family.