A Quinn executive has been left with “life-changing injuries” after he was abducted and savagely beaten by four masked men outside his home in Kinawley on Tuesday night. 
Kevin Lunney was driving home from his office at Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) in Derrylin when his Toyota Land Cruiser was rammed off the road by a silver BMW. He locked himself inside but the men smashed the windows, forcibly removing him from the vehicle and bundling him into the boot of a black Audi car before setting fire to both vehicles and driving off. The smoke could be seen from nearby Macken by local residents. 
The men drove for a period of time to an unknown location where Mr. Lunney was removed from the vehicle and savagely beaten. He sustained severe and brutal injuries to his legs, torso and face. He was then bundled into another vehicle and dumped onto the side of the road in Cornafean, County Cavan where he was left alone until a member of the public found him and called for help. 
Police and fire crews from Lisnaskea and Enniskillen attended the scene close to the Stragowna Road as flames engulfed the vehicles sparking what one onlooker described as a “fireball” while officers raced to the homes of other Quinn executives on both sides of the Border to pinpoint their whereabouts and informed those around Mr. Lunney to “expect the worst”. 
PSNI Superintendent Clive Beatty announced a joint operation between both the Police Service of Northern Ireland and An Garda Síochána at a press conference yesterday afternoon (Wednesday). 
He said Mr. Lunney had been left with “life changing” injuries.
“We have briefly spoken to Mr. Lunney, he was able to tell us some information but his injuries are severe and savage,” said the officer. “Although not life threatening, they will be definitely life changing and he is assisting us with the enquiry as much as he can.”
There have been sustained and serious attacks in the Border area over the past number of years aimed at QIH management. 
“Police are well aware of the complexities and difficulties that this has had however we are using all our force and might to bring to justice those who are committing offences in that area and against this company,” Mr. Beatty told journalists outside Enniskillen Police Station. He said officers were “putting all of our resolve and resources into bringing this to a swift and satisfactory conclusion” after police were heavily criticised by QIH chairman Adrian Barden for not making one arrest following a litany of attacks and intimidation in recent years. 
Responding to reporters, Mr. Beatty said: “There are a number of lines of enquiry ongoing on crime that have been committed over the last two years. Those are still very much live investigations and I can’t discuss any further on our actions on that.”
He was asked if he thought criminal gangs were behind the attack on Mr. Lunney. 
“We are at very early stage in our investigation and are keeping an open mind at this time. This has been an ongoing situation in that area for some time. This is the most severe and savage attack that has been to date for this company and area. We are keeping an open mind as to who or what is behind it,” he said. Mr. Beatty said there had been an additional police presence around the company’s premises in Derrylin as a board of directors’ conference was being held.
“Where we have information or intelligence that suggests that somebody’s life is at risk we put in place all necessary measures in place to protect people and prevent harm. 
“I would hope more attacks like this do not follow,” Mr. Beatty told this newspaper. 
QIH Chairman Adrian Barden is frustrated and angry that more has not been done to protect Mr. Lunney following this incident and a number of others in recent years. He has called for the police on both sides of the Border to act quickly to prevent further attacks. 
“We find it inexplicable that not a single arrest has been made north or south despite dozens of incidents. We are now calling for the police authorities north and south to act quickly and decisively to prevent an inevitable loss of life by bringing those responsible to justice,” said Mr. Barden, in a statement. 
“Kevin Lunney’s abduction and assault is an outrageous attack on a hard working father of six children but also on his 830 colleagues at QIH and the wider community in the Cavan-Fermanagh region. 
“For several hours last evening Kevin’s wife, family and very many friends were left to contemplate the worst. Like many of his colleagues I am frustrated and angry that more has not been done to protect Kevin who will require some considerable time to recover from the very severe injuries sustained in this brutal attack.” 
The company is made up of elements of the former business empire founded by ex-tycoon Sean Quinn. Mr. Quinn has repeatedly and publicly condemned all alleged attacks on those now running QIH.
Earlier this year, barrister Peter Girvan, said there have been at least six serious criminal acts since 2014, including arson attacks, industrial sabotage and damage to expensive plant equipment. However, in the past number of years it is thought there have been more than 30 incidents of attacks and intimidation .
Detective Inspector Trevor Stevenson said: “This was a horrific attack and we are liaising with our colleagues at An Garda Síochána. Our enquiries are at a very early stage and at this time, I am appealing for anyone who may have witnessed a black saloon Audi being driven in the Derrylin, Fermanagh / Swanlinbar, Cavan areas to contact us or our Gardaí colleagues.”
Anyone with any information that may assist us with our inquiries should contact us on 101, quoting reference number 1748 of 17/09/19.
Or contact Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111. It is 100 per cent anonymous.