A 20-year-old man has been found guilty of criminal damage at Fermanagh Magistrates Court.

On September 29, 2018, Ryan Byrne with an address of Cornacully Road, Belcoo, was discovered at a new development in Enniskillen.

At 8am on the day in question a builder arrived at a new development in Swallow Lane and believed there were a number of people in the property.

He shouted which resulted in two males approaching him while a female also came out of the house and ran away.

One male identified as the defendant was detained by the builder until police arrived.

A window, tile, shower door and toilet seat were found to be damaged in the house.

Analysis of blood recovered from the property matched that of Byrne who admitted being in the property but denied causing any damage.

Byrne’s solicitor, Niall Bogue, told the court that his client had been drinking heavily at the time of the incident and had little recollection of the incident.

At the time he was on the waiting list for major surgery which caused him some anxiety and led to consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

Mr. Bogue said his client wanted the court to know that this behaviour was out of character but that was no excuse and he had out his hands up and met it all head on which could be seen in his plea at an early opportunity.

District Judge Ranaghan described it all as a “very stupid incident fuelled by alcohol”.

As well as fining Byrne £100, Judge Ranaghan ordered compensation of £200 to be paid to the builder for the damage that was caused to the property.