A major road into Lisnsakea has been partially reopened, with a traffic light system in place. 

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) announced a £350,000 bridge replacement scheme at Majors Bridge in Lisnaskea which commenced on Monday April 29. 

At the time according to the DfI website, due to the nature of the works, and to ensure the safety of the road users and workers, the Lisnagole Road was to be closed while the new bridge is under construction. 

In April the DfI held a public consultation meeting at the Lisnaskea Business Complex which was attended by local business people who will be affected by the road closure. Councillors and members of the press were refused entry to the actual meeting, with the rules of Purdah invoked.

Councillor Garbhan McPhillips was one of the local Councillors who was refused entry at the time.

In April he said: “I have been contacted by several businesses and residents voicing their concerns about the disruption the current plan would have on the local businesses, facilities and residents.

“For the record I totally understand that the work has to be done and am supportive of this work. I simply wanted to attend today’s meeting not only as a public representative, representing the people of my constituency, but as a resident also.”