A 60-year-old man, who has been charged with sexual assault against a girl who was under 16, has had some of his bail conditions varied at Fermanagh Magistrates Court this week.

The man sought variations to allow him to visit a pharmacist and a dentist in Lisbellaw village. His original conditions prohibited from entering the village.

The prosecution outlined the charges against the defendant with the alleged offences taking place in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2019, in the smoking area of a premises in Lisbellaw.

The court heard that the injured party alleged that the defendant had started to kiss her and placed his hands on her thighs and then proceeded to pull down his trousers and lie on top of the injured party.

It was then alleged that he was dragged off the injured party.

The police officer outlining the charges told the court that the defendant had informed police that the injured party had instigated the kiss and that she and a friend of hers had taken part in consensual sexual relations.

He then told police that the activity had stopped when he “came to his senses”.

The court heard that it was alleged that despite the defendant’s bail conditions prohibiting him from entering Lisbellaw that defendant had been reported to have been seen by either the injured party or members of her family on a number of occasions, and that this had led to a lot of stress for the injured party.

“The victim is 15 years old and very fragile and is very distressed,” the court was told.

Defence Barrister Craig Patton told the court that there was no evidence that the client had been in Lisbellaw and breached his bail conditions.

He asked that the defendant be allowed to use the chemist in Lisbellaw as he was on prescription medication and that the chemist in Lisbellaw “knew his history”. In relation to the dentist Mr. Patton said that his client currently had an abscess on a tooth.

District Judge Michael Ranaghan stated that he was not granting a change to conditions in relation to the chemist but said he would in relation to the dentist.

He ordered that the defendant receive an ordinary dental appointment that he informs police one week prior, and if he received an emergency appointment that he was to inform them immediately. This, Mr Ranaghan said was to ensure that the alleged injured party and her family was informed.

He went on to tell the man charged:

“These are serious charges and no matter what side you believe you knew her age and your behaviour was reprehensible.”