It’s not everyday a member of the Royal family visits your home.

And the visit of His Royal Highness, Prince Edward to the cottage of Margaret Gallagher on the outskirts of Belcoo will be a complete contrast into the way of life for the owner and visitor.

For Margaret the visit is one she could not wait for. The excitement growing and growing in the days leading up to it that she was finding it hard to sleep at times.

The visit to Margaret’s cottage in Mullylusty was the fourth stop for Prince Edward who earlier visited Florencecourt House, Cladagh Glen and Lakeland Community Care in Belcoo.

But after rolling out the red carpet for the Earl of Wessex, Margaret can now reflect on what was a memorable day for her. She also welcomed HRH to the Lakeland Community Care Healthy Living Centre in Belcoo as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.

“It’s a privilege to have somebody come visit my house which has a rateable valuation of £10 and to have someone who was reared in a palace to come and visit with me.

“He seemed to know about me living off the grid for 77 and three-quarter years and he was interested in how it works.

“It’s absolutely brilliant. I am ecstatic. If I could have got some sleep it would help me.

“I am absolutely delighted I think it is wonderful for someone of his background reared with a silver spoon in his mouth to come and visit someone who is like I am, nothing. Like a wee cub from Belfast said, a wee woman with nothing.”

Margaret gave Prince Edward a tour and showed him all there is to see in the cottage from the upper room, the under room, the kitchen and fireplace.

And he got an insight into how Margaret makes her bread and insight into her day to day living.

“I showed him my artefacts, like the old first period Belleek plates, old blue and white Cornish ware. I showed him my father’s clogs when he was going to school. In 1888 he was born and clogs made for him and we have them so he got it as exactly as it is. And nothing has been changed.”

And for Margaret the whole experience is a brilliant way to showcase Belcoo and local area as well as giving her a chance to welcome royalty into her modest abode.

“I never thought in my 77 and three quarter years that I’d be putting out a red carpet and I am delighted with it. I got up more times in the middle of the night to stroke the red carpet,” joked Margaret. “It is great for the village, its positiveness and that’s what we are taking out of it and its great for here.”