An Enniskillen man has been convicted of three counts of exposure despite a last-minute attempt by his lawyers to have the case abandoned.

Aged in his thirties the defendant can’t be identified due to a claim he will attempt suicide if named by media.

He has been on bail since February after being charged with the offences which involved intentionally exposing his genitals intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress on June 23, July 1 and on an unknown date between June 5 and July 1 – all in 2018.

The charges were denied from the outset and protracted proceedings followed, culminating in three victims attending Fermanagh Magistrates Court today (Wednesday) in preparation to give evidence at a contest.

Following discussions in chambers it was agreed the witnesses could be released as their verbal evidence would not be required.

The defendant then applied to have the case “stayed” due to issues around the investigation itself.

This was refused by District Judge Michael Ranaghan who was then asked by the defence to consider the case based on written statements.

He said the evidence against the defendant was “striking” and convicted on all counts.

No details of the incidents were disclosed in court.

Pre-sentencing reports are to be prepared and the defendant was remanded on continuing bail conditions

The current reporting ban remains in place at this time.