A public meeting to discuss revelations of historical child sexual abuse in Fermanagh is to take place tonight (October 29) at Enniskillen Hotel from 7.30pm.

Caroline Wheeler, a sex abuse campaigner, has encouraged public attendance at the ‘Silent No More’ meeting on the issue.

Said Ms Wheeler: “The weekly revelations of historic child sex abuse by The Impartial Reporter have opened the door on this issue. For decades people have been too scared to talk about this issue but that situation has now changed and the floodgates are beginning to open".

Tuesday’s meeting will hear contributions from a panel including alleged victims. Confirmed speakers include the prominent Lisnaskea-born psychiatrist Dr. David Morrison and Jenny Irvine of the ARC Healthy Living Centre.

Mr. Morrison tweeted: "Let's show the victims and survivors that they have an entire community behind them. They are silent no more and alone no more".

“In advance of the meeting, campaigners have engaged widely with those with an interest in this issue, including Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI. While both Mairia Cahill and Father Brian D’Arcy have sent apologies. We have also extended invitations to representatives of all four churches and the Western Health Trust.

“The victims need to see action and accountability. Of the more than 50 cases which have been publicised in fine detail on the pages of the Impartial Reporter we are still waiting to see a single arrest or prosecution. There’s mounting frustration among the public with the authorities not just the police but the health trust, social services and the Educational Authority," she said.

Ms Wheeler said attempts to raise this issue "which is the talk of Northern Ireland" in the Council "have been stymied on grounds" that any discussion whatsoever might prejudice future legal cases.

"But the same parties who seek to silence discussion on this have no hesitation when it comes to prominently intervening themselves in pending prosecutions for historical inquiries when it suits them.

“The victims need to see action. They need justice and recognition. This Tuesday night's meeting is about giving them a voice. We are asking the public to attend to show their support for the victims, for justice and in support of the reporter who has faced threats and abuse himself as a result of his efforts to shine a light in the darkness”.