Liverpool goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, has helped one Fermanagh soon to be seven-year-old go viral on social media. Caiden Mulligan dressed up as the Liverpool shot stopper for Halloween with Becker retweeting the picture with the hashtag #Halloween.

Caiden was in full kit and even boasted an excellently drawn on beard to complete the look. Caiden’s dad, Shane replied to Alisson with a video of his son in the kit going through some of Alisson’s pre match rituals.

Speaking to the Impartial Reporter Shane said it has: “been a mad few months for him and Liverpool FC”.

It most certainly has. In March Liverpool skipper, James Milner, gave Caiden his jersey after a game and then this week that jersey was signed by Milner himself while he and his little brother, Lucas, also got their picture taken with Reds legend Jamie Carragher last season.

In a football mad house, the Mulligans are certainly becoming known in the Liverpool dressing room.

Shane’s tweet, that got the ball rolling yesterday, showed a picture of Caiden in his new Alisson kit and it said:

“My lad is obsessed with @Alissonbecker Never seen him as happy on Halloween day when I said yes to Becker kit.”

Alisson retweet the tweet with Shane replying to the Liverpool number one:

“He has every kit with @Alissonbecker on back since you came. Will only do goals at training. He is 7 Tuesday and you made his bday. He will be behind the goals in Annie road vs city next week. Nice one for that.”

The original tweet from Shane has over 3,000 likes and that number is still climbing.

For Shane and his boys, they will be hoping that Liverpool remain at the top of the premier league for the rest of the season, and who knows what adventures they will have between now and then.