A new book on hope and love has been launched by Killyhommon Primary School.

‘Inspirational Thoughts 2020’ is the sixth book in a series by the Boho pupils and staff and features a number of themes, including hope, love and gratitude, forgiveness, respecting difference, the nature world, children, kindness and life and death.

The foreword is written by Enniskillen journalist Denzil McDaniel who urges readers to “take to heart the ideas of living in hope, loving others, being grateful for our blessings and speaking respectfully to each other”.

“Disagreeing agreeably is possible, as is respecting those of difference. Cherishing all our children and elderly, looking after out planet and showing honesty and integrity in all our dealings are all important too,” writes the former editor of The Impartial Reporter.

The 12 chapters include contributions, quotes, photographs and Bible verses.

In the book former principal Eileen McKenzie offeres her thanks to the “beautiful children of Killyhommon Primary School whose creativity inspires us every day and the wonderful, dedicated staff who give so much to this school and community”.

The new book is available in local outlets around Fermanagh and at the Graan bookshop and St. Michael’s bookshop, Enniskillen.