When it comes to December 12, the Alliance candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone, Matt Beaumont wants the people in the constituency to forge a new path.

He is honest when he admits that he is the underdog in the upcoming General Election but he wants people to move away from the arguments that have defined politics in Northern Ireland and instead votes for a candidate based on what they can offer to the people of the constituency.

“Vote for the person you believe is going to fight for you. Vote for the person you believe if you need help, if your family needs help, if your dog needs help, whatever it is, vote for the person that is going to stand in your corner and do their damnedest for you,” Matthew explains.

Living in Northern Ireland for the past seven years with his wife and two children, Matthew is hoping that he can do as much as possible to make the constituency a better place for everybody if he is elected after December 12. And he wants the electorate to have as much choice as possible when it comes to polling day.

“I personally believe for an election to be truly democratic you should have the right to vote for whatever party you support or whichever candidate you support. I think that not standing in every constituency is unfair to those voters.

“If the voters want to unseat a candidate or the voters want unseat a party, the voters will do that but it should be the voters choice not the parties choice for them.”

He says he is standing because he wants to make the place where he lives the best it can be and that anybody is able to come to their MP with any issues.

“I look around and I think to myself if I died tomorrow have I done enough to make sure where they live, where the kids are going to grow up is the best it could be and I don’t think it is so that’s why I try and do what I do to make Fermanagh and South Tyrone a more fairer and open place.”

With battle lines being drawn all over the UK around Brexit, it is the forefront issue in this election. In other constituencies like North and South Belfast, pro-Remain parties have not fielded candidates to try and strengthen the chances of ousting Brexit supporting MPs.

In Fermanagh South Tyrone, Sinn Féin’s Michelle Gildernew holds the seat but with Tom Elliott of the UUP running as a sole Unionist candidate with the backing of the DUP, the splitting of votes around Remain parties may tip the scales.

With Alliance never being historically strong in elections in the constituency, some believe this may be the case.

“People should still be allowed to vote for party they believe is the right party to vote for. In terms of Brexit, as Alliance have been clear on from day one, we would rather Brexit wasn’t happening and if there was going to be a deal it would be put to the people.

“Personally I’m in favour of revoking Article 50 full stop. That can’t happen, Brexit cannot be stopped, Brexit cannot be reversed without MPs voting to reverse it.

“Alliance haven’t been traditionally great West of the Bann.

“But it’s a party that is growing, it’s a message that is growing. Am I the underdog? Yes, but in 2010 Naomi Long was 100/1 to win the seat in East Belfast and she won the seat in East Belfast.

“If people want change they will vote for change if people are unhappy with the status quo people will vote for change and if my vote were to cause another party not to have enough votes to be elected themselves I’m not convinced it would be another Remain party my votes would be taken off.”

Alongside Brexit, there are other issues that Matt will be working on if elected.

“Brexit is just one thing. Once Brexit is stopped we still need MPs to be able to legislate on schools, healthcare, defence issues, everything including transparency issues.

“There are lots of changes that if we send 18 MPs back we can make together. There are not enough jobs and there are a lot of people who aren’t working or would rather be working closer to home.

“There are serious issues around healthcare and GP services and it’s about working with the various solution providers to find the staff to find the funding to keep the various services in place. And a large number of people have been talking to me about public transport, roads and making it easier to bring people to Fermanagh and Tyrone.”

And he promises to do his utmost for every constituent.

“You will have somebody who will go to Westminster, somebody who will make sure that if I believe a piece of legislation is going to affect one person in my constituency, I will make a point of being in Westminster.

“I will be explaining every decision I have made and I will make a point of being more transparent than any MP I can ever think of,” added Matt.