An Independent candidate in Fermanagh South Tyrone in the upcoming General Election says politics needs to “stand in the here and the now” and create a future which “is fit for purpose not just for us but for our children and our children to come”.

Well known trade unionist and health campaigner Caroline Wheeler launched her election campaign for the December 12 election last Saturday and she is hoping that voters will move away from the sectarian politics that have divided society and vote for a different, more inclusive brand of politics.

“Like many people I am deeply dissatisfied with the sectarian nature of Northern Ireland’s political system. I am also thoroughly fed up with Tory rule/misrule at Westminster,” explained Caroline.

“I believe firmly in the pressing need for an anti-sectarian Labour alternative that would unite people on the basis of cross-community social and economic interests.”

Although officially an Independent candidate, Caroline is an Executive member of the Labour Party NI (LPNI), was endorsed by LPNI and if elected would take a Labour whip.

She will be asking the people of the most westerly constituency in the United Kingdom to look at a “clear alternative on the basis of Labour and trade union principles and policies”.

“In this coming election people should not be encouraged to restrict themselves to a narrowly sectarian two party dog fight under the cover of Brexit.

“Now it is said this election is predominantly about Brexit so I will declare that I support Labour’s plan to sort Brexit out within six months.

“If elected Labour would negotiate a new withdrawal agreement with the EU which does no harm to the lives of working people.

“That deal would be put back to the people to decide with remain as an option.”

But Caroline believes there are bigger issues to deal with away from Brexit, with the current condition of the NHS which she says is at breaking point a more pressing matter.

“Only the Labour Party can remove the Tories from power and god knows they need removing. Their policies have wilfully punished the poor for the greed driven follies of big money.

“They have brought the NHS to breaking point, they have ignored social care crisis and they have allowed their friends in the multinationals to rake in obscene benefits of massive tax evasion whilst ordinary people are forced to rely on food banks.

“We need our NHS we need to be saving lives.”

Caroline says the response on the doors has been fantastic and for her and her supporters one vote is a vote away from the sectarian divide and is a progressive vote.

“I’m just your ordinary person but people out there don’t realise they have a voice. And I have been that voice for a long time fighting battles and I really see now that our voice has got lost in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

“I am Fermanagh and Tyrone through and through and if elected would commit to represent all of its people to the best of my ability.”