Fermanagh Film Club has been bringing independent, foreign language and Ireland/Northern Ireland-based films to a Fermanagh audience with the support of Access Cinema for over 10 years.

Based in Waterways Ireland, Enniskillen, the film club meets twice a month on a Wednesday at 8pm, and over the last year have hosted special screenings from local filmmakers including ‘The Dig’ produced by Brian J. Falconer and ‘Gaza’ co-directed by Andrew McConnell.

Recently announcing their programme for Spring 2020, Fermanagh Film Club will kick off their new season of alternative film with ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ on Wednesday, January 8.

Directed by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ stars Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson and Zack Gottsagen.

Zak, a 22-year-old wrestling enthusiast with Down Syndrome, lives in a retirement home because the state has nowhere else for him. After numerous failed attempts, he finally breaks out and heads cross-country to find his wrestling hero. Along the way he teams up with troubled outlaw Tyler …

This modern-day Huckleberry Finn type drama is a pure, feel-good adventure.

On Wednesday, February 12 the film club will show ‘Pain and Glory’, a Spanish film directed by Pedro Almodóvar. It tells the story of veteran director Salvador Mallo currently suffers many health issues, which he blames for the creative rut he finds himself in. As he tries to recover both creatively and physically, he remembers his mother and reflects on his work, family and past loves.

Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz reunite with award-winning director Pedro Almodóvar in his most personal film to date.

‘Bait’ on Wednesday, February 26, follows a seething Martin whose childhood home is bought and renovated into a tourist rental. His brother Steven has also re-purposed their late father’s boat to ferry tourists along the Cornish coast. Amid increasing friction with tourists and locals alike, Martin fights to regain what he has lost, until a tragedy at the heart of the family changes his world.

Danish film ‘Sons of Denmark’ is a provocative and politically charged thriller set one year after a bomb attack in Copenhagen. Angered by the rising anti-Islamic climate, 19-year-old Muslim Zakaria is recruited by neighbourhood elder Hassan, and placed under the watchful eye of Ali. Eager but naive, Zakaria becomes entangled in a violent plot against a dangerous far-right leader. It will be shown on Wednesday, March 11.

On Wednesday, March 11, Fermanagh Film Club will screen ‘Le Brio’ directed by Yvan Attal. A French law professor known for his outbursts is forced to mentor an Albanian student after he targets her in a bigoted rant.

‘Monos’, a powerful, beautifully surreal film directed by Alejandro Landes and starring Sofia Buenaventura, Moisés Arias and Julianne will be shown on Wednesday, April 8.

Exiled on a remote mountainside in South America, the Monos are a group of teenage soldiers. Their job: to guard a single hostage. They have their orders but also their rituals, and when the group’s leadership is tested, the dynamics shift and the few ties the Monos had to reality and the outside world dissolve.

The final film programmed for the spring season is ‘The Wolf’s Call’, which will be screened on Wednesday, April 22.

Please note, film order may be subject to change. The Fermanagh Film Club also hosts extra films alongside their regular programme which are announced via their website and Facebook.