Arlene Foster's lawyer has threatened legal action against a celebrity doctor in relation to a "totally false allegation" made on twitter and in relation to her personal life. 

International media lawyer Paul Tweed commented via twitter on Christmas Eve: "I am putting Dr Christian Jessen on notice in relation to a totally false allegation he has tweeted regarding DUP Leader and former NI First Minister, Arlene Foster. Legal action will also be taken against any persons who have retweeted this highly defamatory allegation." 

Dr. Jessen is best known for presenting Channel Four programme Embarrassing Bodies.

Unsubstantiated rumours surrounding the DUP leader's personal life have been circulating for some time and twitter was rife with the unfounded allegations in the run up to Christmas. 

Now, via her lawyer, Mrs. Foster has called them out as defamatory and is taking action.