There will be massive void left in the family of five-year-old Oisin McGovern that will never be filled.

After battling a short illness, Oisin tragically passed away on Saturday, December 28 surrounded by his loving and heartbroken parent’s Declan and Joanne and his wider family.

A spokesperson for the family paid tribute to the “fun-loving”, “happy” and “bubbly” boy who was determined to be the best at everything he put his hand to.

“He had such an infectious laugh. You could hear him coming and you would know there’s Oisin.

“And like the priest said yesterday he was a really determined little boy.”

His determination was seen in his application to his schoolwork and how he always wanted to be top of the class.

“He loved school. As much as he was good craic and loved the fun and loved going to football, he loved school.

“He loved doing his wee “words”, and he was so determined to get them all right and be the best that he could be.

“And his spellings. He just wanted to make sure he was always the one that got his spellings right.

“He was just real fun loving, loved school loved his friends loved playing. Always determined and wanted to do well at everything he put his hand to.”

The family spokesperson paid tribute to the support the family has received from the local community since Oisin fell ill.

“From the day he got admitted to the ICU in Children’s Hospital at the Royal, on the Wednesday, there was a Mass in Teemore, and it was that packed. People were standing out on the street, it was overwhelming. It was hard to describe for just wee Oisin. They just all wanted him to get better.

“His wee school friends and all the mummies and daddies, the community, the neighbours, they have been great.

“Since Friday they have just been rallying around the family and dealing with everything for them. Everybody chipped in and did something, and it was amazing.”

And the family know that in the dark days ahead, that support will be there to help his parents Joanne and Declan and the family through the hardest of times.

“I think with the amount of people being around, the support and the amount of people rallying around you will help. The amount of people there yesterday (at the funeral), it just shows Joanne and Declan will get through this. There are long, dark days ahead for them, but we are all going to be there.”

Just like Oisin, who always put others first.

“He was the type of boy that didn’t look for himself, he looked out for everyone else. So, if he was doing something or buying something or in a shop, he would always be thinking about someone else.

“He would be wanting to buy something for his aunties or his uncles or get this for his cousin.

“He was never out for himself. He was the type of boy that just loved everybody.”

Oisin’s Requiem Mass was held in St. Ninnidh’s Church, Derrylin on Monday, December 30 followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery with funeral arrangements by Pat Blake Funeral Directors, Derrylin.