At St. Fanchea's Prize Giving, the personal development and achievements of the students were highlighted as being "at least as important" as academic success.

"At St. Fanchea’s, we will never view ourselves as a results factory; rather we measure our success through a broader spectrum. The personal development and achievements of our girls is at least as important to us as academic success," said Mrs. Leonora Dundas, a senior teacher at the school who spoke at the prize giving event in the absence of Principal Maurice Collins. She explained that the role of any school should "go beyond grades", adding: "While we take great pride in the exam results of our girls, we also reflect upon the personal growth and achievements of each student. This is not necessarily the girls who may appear in the papers, who are prominent in the community or renowned for their achievements. The greatest satisfaction can often be found in our students who have overcome obstacles in their personal lives – be it physical difficulties, emotional trauma, bereavement or tragedy"

"As a school, we strive to help provide our girls with the tools not just to pass exams but to cope with and excel in life. To all our girls who have endured such difficulties, often unknown to all but a few, we salute you tonight," she added.

Opening the night, Mrs. Dundas welcomed all in attendance at the prize giving event. She continued: "With regret, Mr. Collins and Mrs. Harron are unable to be in attendance tonight - It is therefore a deep privilege for me to share in the celebration of the talents and achievements of all of our pupils who sat their GCSE, BTEc and A-Level examinations in June. As a school community, we always look forward to this special night and I know that our teaching staff and wider school community are immensely proud of each and every one of our pupils."

Noting how the school's mission is "to make children love their school", Mrs. Dundas continued: "We are confident in what we do, what we stand for and what we want to do for your children. By having confidence in what we do, we continue to achieve excellent results. Results just don’t happen, it’s a combination of hard work, consistency, dedication, giving pupils the benefit of the doubt, but most importantly understanding their world, appreciating the complexities of their lives, working with them, giving them chances and more chances, staying after school believing in them begging them to complete the last bit of coursework or to see a certain subject through until the end…"

Mrs. Dundas went on to thank all the staff at St. Fanchea's College who "play an instrumental role" in the success of all the pupils.

Addressing the pupils directly, Mrs. Dundas said: "Each one of you is unique and we have been lucky to witness the development of your faith and strong personal qualities such as tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and inclusion of others over the years. Tonight we celebrate the good results but never lose hope when faced with disappointment. Failure is only a temporary setback on the road to future success. Being healthy and truly happy in life is not dependent on academic results but much deeper personal traits and spiritual connections."

"No matter where you end up in life, you will always be a part of a very special alumni as a pupil of St. Fanchea’s College. We trust that you have made lifelong friends, that you will be able to reflect upon your time here with a smile and that you are not a stranger to the staff, the school or to your fellow students. We wish you a future filled with hope, faith and love and always be proud to say you were a pupil of St. Fanchea’s College," Mrs. Dundas concluded.