A 47-year-old woman has been found guilty of permitting her former partner of driving her car without insurance.

Following a contest in Fermanagh Magistrates Court on Monday, Amanda Bogle with an address of New Street, Ederney was given six penalty points and fined £400 in relation to the incident which took place on August 18, 2019.

Bogle was the only witness to take the stand during the contest and she told the court that on the evening in question she had gone to a friend’s house in Kesh where she was drinking vodka.

The defendant said she did not remember leaving the house or how many drinks she had consumed with her last memory of the night waking up in the passenger seat of her car in Ederney after hearing a bang.

She said her partner was driving and he said the handbrake had failed.

The next day she rang the police to tell them that her car had hit another car because she did not want to be accused of hitting someone’s car and her former partner should not have taken the car without her permission.

She said that he had asked for permission to use the car in the past but she had refused.

During cross-examination, a Public Prosecution Service (PPS) representative questioned the consistency of Bogle’s evidence and what was said to officers during interview.

This included the people who were insured to drive the car at the time and how she had said in a previous interview that her partner told her about the damage to the car.

However she gave evidence during the contest on Monday saying she heard a bang.

They also questioned how she said she remembered hearing the bang but could remember very little else of the night and how could she know if she gave her former partner permission if she was so drunk.

In convicting the 47 year old, District Judge Steven Keown said that this was a case where alcohol was involved and did have an effect on the defendant.

Judge Keown said the evidence was contradictory and unconvincing and he was content that Bogle did permit her former partner to drive the car and convicted her of permitting no insurance.

Due to an accumulation of penalty points on her licence, Bogle was disqualified from driving for a period of six months.