The wife of a 41-year-old man who died suddenly at his farm has said it will be the simple things he did that she and their two young chidlren will miss the most.

Kim Keys, the wife of Steven Keys from Brookeborough said it came completely “out of the blue” when her husband died.

“On Christmas Day he was in such good form, wanting his dinner. Steven always liked his food and couldn’t wait to get his food.

“He went outside to finish off the day and came back and he was playing Lego with Jamie, our oldest son. They were up in his room. Jamie is into Minecraft and he got some Lego and Steven loved building Lego. He was kind of like a child at heart and so he was enjoying the time with the children.

“Next morning, I remember seeing him going out for the morning and that was the last time I seen him before it happened.”

Although a quiet man, Kim said Steven was always ready for a chat with anybody he met and the number of mourners at the funeral reflected the high esteem he was held in in the community.

“He loved telling jokes and loved chatting. Steven wherever he went everyday he was chatting to someone.

“Everyone knew Steven and I think that was why it was such a big funeral because he was so well known.

“I think the amount of people that were there reflected on how Steven was liked by a lot of people.

“And the support has been really overwhelming and really nice.”

And as the family comes to terms with Steven’s passing, Kim says it the simple parts of life that she will miss the most. Steven was never one for being extravagant. He was just very simple, easy going and it will be the simple things we will miss. If you needed help with something he was there. You could rely on him. He just cared; he was compassionate.

“He was a husband, a father. I’ll miss chatting to him and the things he did for that you didn’t realise were done. I’ll miss coming in at night having each other’s company at night watching tv, him hogging the remote,” she said.

“It’s just those little things. It obviously wasn’t always easy spending time as a family because of the farming but it was lovely when we did, like taking the kids to the Round ‘O’ or getting something to eat or me and Steven going to the cinema, things like that.

“The small things a lot of people take for granted.”

Kim also thanked those who have helped out since the tragedy, from the doctors, the Air Ambulance crew, family, friends and anyone who visited the house, brought food, or got in contact with the family.

The funeral of Steven, a beloved husband of Kim and father to Jamie (11) and Scott (7) and much-loved son of Jim and Merilyn was held in St. Margaret’s Parish Church, Clabby with burial in the adjoining Churchyard.

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