A Lisnaskea woman has spoken out after her “quiet little dog” was mauled to death by another dog, saying the ordeal was like a “horrendous nightmare”.

Pamela Fyfe was out walking her two little dogs, Lilly and Zoe, both Yorkie/Maltese crosses, in Lisnaskea on Sunday, January 5 at around 8pm when they were attacked by two dogs.

“There are steps that go down to a very nice housing development. Whenever we got to the top of the steps I seen a person at the bottom with his two dogs on extending leads and they came charging up the steps,” Ms. Fyfe told The Impartial Reporter.

“I started shouting straight away, ‘take your dogs away from my wee dogs’. Then it happened very quickly, I was just surrounded by dogs and then I heard a squeal and Lilly’s lead had went light and then I heard another squeal.

“The dogs had went down the steps and Lilly was lying on the ground.”

After Lilly was killed, having suffered wounds to her neck, Ms. Fyfe explained that the owner began pulling one dog in. Meanwhile, the other was attacking Ms. Fyfe’s other dog Zoe.

“One of the dogs had come right back up to the top of the steps and was grabbing Zoe by her shoulder. I was screaming so much the people in the houses started to come out. At that point he pulled the dog off and then took off,” shared Ms. Fyfe.

When asked what emotions she was experiencing during the attack, Ms. Fyfe said: “You were frozen and it was actually like it wasn’t happening and then Lilly’s squeal, you suddenly kind of became aware.

“It was just a horrendous nightmare.”

She added: “I often walk with my granddaughter who is 10 and she would have Lilly on the lead and I would have Zoe so while the dogs mightn’t have attacked us, she would have witnessed that.”

Under five pounds in weight and under six inches high, Ms. Fyfe described Lilly as a “quiet little dog” who was “very well socialised” and was always kept on a short lead whilst out for a walk. “She was such a good little dog, she never left my side,” shared Ms. Fyfe.

Amidst her nightmare ordeal, Ms. Fyfe noted the kindness of the neighbours who helped her.

“The neighbours were absolutely fabulous, they came out, one of the men who knew me and knew my son, he brought me home, came in and stayed until my son came around.”

“They were fabulous, they couldn’t do enough. We put Lilly in her little bed and Zoe was going over, honestly trying to do CPR. Then licking her face and looking to see why we weren’t helping,” shared Ms. Fyfe, adding that Zoe is “completely traumatised”.

“She is really grieving for her sister because Zoe is very much a dog that likes the company of other dogs and I’d had Lilly for about five months before Zoe came, so she had came from dogs to a dog, so she’s never been on her own before.

“She is not the same dog and obviously she is nursing her injuries, the bites and her shoulder. She was covered in their saliva, sticky saliva all over her fur. She has bruises and she has cuts on her underneath,” she explained.

“I have to say the vets at the Brook Veterinary Clinic have been absolutely fabulous,” she said.

Having reported the incident to the dog warden at Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Ms. Fyfe commented: “Johnny Gibson the dog warden was very good, he was very empathetic, very kind and supportive but he has gone and seen the person concerned.”

She claims that the dog owner has to muzzle the dogs and keep them on a lead no longer than two metres, which she says the law stipulates anyway.

“If this had been done, this would never have happened,” she claimed during an interview with this newspaper.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Council said: “Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is aware of the complaint received and an investigation is being undertaken into the Dog Control case.

“Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and potential legal implications, no further comment can be made at this time.”