A 68-year-old man who drove away from a police checkpoint whilst being banned from driving has been given a further 12 month disqualification.

Joseph Maguire, of Corratistune Road, Kilnakelly, Derrylin took the car to go to the shop on November 16, 2019 leading to convictions for driving while disqualified, using a motor vehicle without insurance and taking a motor vehicle without authority.

A police checkpoint had been set up outside Derrylin and at around 4.15pm officers observed a Hyundai i20 coming towards the checkpoint in the direction Derrylin. The car stopped in the middle of the road and attempted to move away from the checkpoint. It was located a short distance away trying to turn.

Officers spoke with the driver who was identified as the defendant and a check showed he had been disqualified from January 2019 for one year and eight months.

Maguire was brought to Omagh and made full admissions and said he knew he was disqualified. He said he had taken a course to reduce the ban by five months but that was no good to him now.

He told officers it was a spur of the moment decision and his wife did not know he had taken the car.

Maguire's solicitor, Niall Bogue, said his client had taken the decision to take the car to go to the shop as he lived in a rural location.

He said having served 11 months out of the 15 he was due to be disqualified for and it was unfortunate and a poor decision.

Mr. Bogue asked the court to treat this offence as out of character for Maguire who had a limited record and made full admissions at the scene and during interview. he added that the 68 year old understood the seriousness of the offences.

Deputy District Judge Anne Marshall fined Maguire £500 and disqualified him from driving for a further 12 months.