Fine Point Films, founded by Fermanagh film producer and director Trevor Birney, premiered a new documentary ‘The Go-Go’s’ at Sundance Film Festival on Friday, January 24.

“The Go-Go’s are an amazing band and it’s been great fun getting to know them all. Our director, Alison Ellwood, has created an amazing film and having Alison and the band together in Sundance was an incredible experience,” Trevor told The Impartial Reporter.

Noting how Madness and The Specials provided the soundtrack to his life growing up in Enniskillen, Trevor remembers The Go-Go’s coming on the scene: “The fact they were American made them very different. Getting to work with them - and meeting some of the members of Madness and The Specials - was great fun. It brought me back to my teenage years and the boys, I grew up with - Sid, TC and Archie!”

‘The Go-Go’s’ tells the story of the most successful all-female band of all time. With their roots in the LA punk scene, the band included Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar and keyboards), Belinda Carlisle (lead vocals), Gina Schock (drums), Kathy Valentine (bass) and Jane Wiedlin (guitar and vocals). Underpinned by full access to The Go-Go’s, this candid archive-rich biography assesses the group’s place in pop history and examines the feisty personalities and dynamics behind their rise, fall and numerous reincarnations. Until this film, there has never been a serious appraisal of The Go-Go’s talents or achievements – as musicians, groundbreakers, but even more so, as survivors.

The return to Sundance for Fine Point Films follows on from last year’s World Premiere of ‘GAZA’ - the critically acclaimed documentary on life under siege in Gaza, directed by Garry Keane and conflict photographer Andrew McConnell, and co-produced by Fine Point Films Brendan J. Byrne and Trevor Birney.

“Last year, we were at Sundance with Gaza, a film produced by my friend and colleague, Brendan J. Byrne. This year it’s ‘The Go-Go’s’ - a film in which Eimhear O’Neill has played such an amazing role. I am very lucky to work with such talented people,” shared Trevor, adding:

“Being back at Sundance has been an unforgettable experience for all of us involved in the film. This is, after all, the most important film festival in the world. Last year it was a film about Gaza - this year’s couldn’t be more different!”

Trevor explained that this year’s Sundance experience was made “extra special” by having his family join him for the trip.

“Having Sheila and the girls made it extra special. They live with all the sacrifices we have to make to produce these films,” he commented, adding: “It makes all the hard work worth it all! We’ve an exciting year ahead and a couple of new films to premiere. But of course the aim is to be back at Sundance with another great documentary.”

“In meantime, we have memories from this past week that will last a life time,” Trevor told this newspaper.