Seamus Og O'Dare, 26 from Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh, currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Where are you currently based and have you been there since you left Fermanagh?

I left Fermanagh to go to University in Bournemouth, England and since then have had a thirst for travel. I moved to Australia, where I lived in Melbourne and Sydney for a year. Now I am in New Zealand.

What are you currently doing?

I've had some incredible opportunities work wise since travelling. The wages are a lot higher in Australia and New Zealand than in the UK. I've worked on a farm driving tractors, in a factory packing sausage rolls for an unreal $35 an hour, and in Sydney's night club scene. I now work in a restaurant.

What do you miss most about home?

Friends who understand me and my family. I sometimes physically feel the distance between me and my loved ones and it really hurts. I miss the craic of family get togethers, weddings, and playing my fiddle. Other than that there is not a lot I miss!

Do you travel home often?

Haven't been home once since moving out to Aus!

What has been a highlight of your time living abroad?

I went to a dinner with a famous Australian actress who's parents owned a villa in Bali, they let me stay a week for free in a private villa with a pool and bar. Safe to say that was pretty sweet. Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef with sharks and sting rays, spending Christmas Day 2018 on a beach, being with my best friend John, was always a highlight for me.

Was it difficult settling into life in a new country?

Going from my own apartment to living in a hostel was hilarious. As you can imagine, 10 bunk beds in one room, the amount of horror stories I've got.. I might write a book! I settled in super fast. You stop caring about personal boundaries after a week in a hostel.

Have you faced many challenges?

I've faced tremendous challenges. Everyone always talks about "living your best life", but it's not all fun and games when you almost run out of money and don't know what's coming next! Arriving to New Zealand with only a pair of flip flops and very little money to set myself up but succeeding and finding an amazing job within a few days (and a pair of lovely shoes) makes you so fulfilled and satisfied. It's a real rollercoaster.

Have you introduced any ‘Fermanagh slang’ to the country you are currently living in? If so, what words/phrases have people picked up?

There are so many Northern Irish travellers in Aus and NZ, that I think we populate most of the cities! I can't say I've taught any slang but I've learned a lot. "Goon" being my favourite, meaning a five litre bag of white wine. Good stuff.

How does the food where you live compare to food from home?

Nothing will ever compare to mam's Sunday Roast or Chips and Co. stuffing gravy chip but I'll tell you what, I've eaten kangaroo, and that stuff is beautiful. I've had a scorpion too.

Who do you miss most from home? How have you found communicating across different time zones?

I don't miss anything apart from the people I love and care for. Moving across the world really changes your perspective and I've realised that I was like a bird in a cage in Fermanagh and I don't plan on getting back in that cage any time soon. I wish I went travelling sooner. It's been the best thing I've ever done.