“Massive” potholes and raised manholes are causing issues for those living in Drumclay Court in Enniskillen.

But with nobody taking responsibility for the maintenance of the road, the residents are at an odds as to what to do.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, a concerned resident said: “It started when we bought the house, about two years ago, and obviously the houses were just being built at that time.

“The last house got finished there about a year and a half ago and we were promised that the whole road was going to be resurfaced but it hasn’t been done.”

He added: “What’s happened now is the road has gone into such a state of disrepair that there is a constant worry that wheels are going to get damaged and tyres are going to get damaged because it has already started.”

The resident went on to explain that his neighbour was driving into the development and hit a pothole.

“It completely tore a massive hole in the wall of her tyre, it wasn’t even like a small puncture, it caused damage to her wheel as well,” he said.

“She had to pay nearly £300 to get a guy to come out to fix it because just as it was she didn’t have a spare wheel. It’s just absolutely ridiculous,” he commented.

He added: “They are all washing their hands of the responsibility and the roads service, they say they aren’t responsible for it.

“So we are at a stage now where we don’t know who to go to or where to turn and it’s bringing down the value of all our properties as well. For those who have babies and young children, it is impossible to push a pram over the terrain.”

In addition to the numerous potholes on the road, the resident explained that the road service have raised all the manholes.

“The manholes have all been raised by one inch off the ground. So obviously they are all protruding up, there’s a lot of them.

“There could be 12 or 13 of them and you’re trying to avoid clipping the edge of them because that could pop your tyre but by avoiding that, then you’re risking going into one of the massive potholes on the side,” the Drumclay Court resident said.

Jim Tummon, property developer of Drumclay Court was contacted by this newspaper.

He claims that the potholes are on a road and not part of the area that he developed.

“This road and sewer is over an area that was an existing site and that company went out of business,” Mr. Tummon commented.

“I’m waiting for a reply from the roads and water service, that’s the reason it is not finished,” he added.

Responding to queries from The Impartial Reporter of who is responsible for the maintenance of the road, a Department for Infrastructure (DfI) spokesman said: “The road infrastructure within Drumclay Court, Enniskillen is currently not adopted by the Department.

“This housing development is still under construction and the responsibility rests with the developer to maintain and keep their development site safe.”

In a statement, he continued: “The Department is aware of the issue and has relayed the residents’ concerns to the developer for them to respond.”

“DfI will continue to consult with the developer and encourage them to complete the roads infrastructure within this development in a timely manner,” the DfI spokesman told this newspaper.

Enniskillen DUP Councillor Keith Elliott commented on the issue: “The road has been left for a significant period without any resurfacing works and it is disgraceful. Residents should not be left in a position in which their vehicles could be severely damaged.”

“It is unfortunate that the road has not been adopted yet by DfI. It is down to the contractor and DfI to liaise on this matter and get it resolved, before more damage is done,” he told this newspaper.