A modern facility for new digital businesses was officially launched in Enniskillen last Friday.

Fermanagh Enterprise Ltd which has successfully promoted small business start-up and development in the county for over thirty years, has successfully upcycled another derelict property closed due to the relocation of a Government office.

Thankfully these valuable jobs which were lost to Enniskillen when HMRC relocated its staff, can be more than compensated for as brand-new businesses are created and avail of the modern facilities provided in the new business centre.

Retaining the ‘old’ name, Abbey House, the property has been extensively refurbished to provide a range of private offices and an open plan co-working area.

Fermanagh Enterprise Manager, John Treacy said: “We are calling the new development Abbey House Business Centre. We have retained the name that the building had during its time as the Tax Office as we want to acknowledge and remember the journey and the changes we are experiencing in terms of the current and future sources of job creation.

A vital and growing sector in our current Fermanagh economy, is local businesses created and operated by local people. Abbey House is a resource built for, and suited to, these small businesses and the jobs created by these businesses are essential to maintain employment levels in the County.”

Mr. Treacy went on to point out that interest in the Centre has been excellent: “We are delighted to report that there are currently 27 businesses located in the Centre which is well ahead of plan.”

The grand launch was attended by visitors from all over Northern Ireland and was performed by John O’Kane, Chairman of Fermanagh Enterprise Ltd.

In his address, Mr. O’Kane spoke about the importance of providing modern professional facilities to attract business in the digital sector to the county.

He said: “This development is pioneering remote working in Fermanagh and is something which will be a key feature of our local Economy going forward.

“People now work and do business in a new way.

Location is less important provided connectivity is excellent. We already have attracted individuals who have moved from the cities to Fermanagh.”

“As a place to live, the County suits young families and the modern working environment we have provided in Abbey House is comparable to the best in the world, reducing costs and contributing to a more environmentally acceptable way to do business,” Mr. O’Kane concluded.