A senior paediatric consultant at South West Acute Hospital has warned that a second surge of Covid-19 is almost a certainty, and that the public and the health service will have to work together to ensure that the response is as effective as it was for the initial surge, which has now passed.

Dr. Nick Lipscomb was speaking ahead of the return of inpatient paediatric and neonatal services to the SWAH: “Unfortunately as a doctor I have to say there almost certainly will be a second surge but our job is when that comes that we are able to deal with it and flatten that curve as effectively as we did the first time and it is going to take the hospital and the public working together again,” he explained.

However, Dr. Lipscomb is confident that the health service is in a good place to deal with any second surge, especially given that a plan is in place to reconfigure services in that event:

“Having a plan and having worked through at least the first step or two of the plan previously, so we know that we can flex and change how we work at relatively short notices which is important. Of course we will be looking back at what we have done over the last eight to 10 weeks so that we can modify the plan so that we can do even better if we have to deal with a second surge. We have had the chance to do a dry run as it were and that will give us a chance to do things better the next time. Having a plan and knowing we can implement it safely effectively and efficiently is reassuring.”