A Democratic Unionist councillor has warned that those littering the streets of Enniskillen during this Covid-19 pandemic "could be spreading this virus to others".

Keith Elliott hit out after photographs emerged showing the condition of areas such as the grounds of the Lakeland Forum and the busy Quay Lane car park.

“Those who are littering across Enniskillen need to stop. It is absolutely ridiculous that given Covid-19 is spread on surfaces, some people think they are above putting rubbish in the bin and in turn could be spreading this virus to others.

"Not only is it a health hazard at present but could indeed create a pest control issue. Our residents are suffering and the natural beauty of this area is at a detriment," he said.

Councillor Elliott added: "It isn’t difficult to put rubbish where it’s supposed to go. So do it and stop creating pressures on our Council staff who are having to clean up after.”