Mother-of-four Tina Robertson from Enniskillen was left devastated following the death of her mother Lilias Pinkney, who passed away last year after a battle with lung cancer.

In memory of her late mother, Tina is fundraising for Cancer Research UK by taking on the physical challenge of doing 200 squats a day for 17 days.

Tina told The Impartial Reporter: “My mum passed away 50 weeks ago of lung cancer, she was 64.

“It totally devastated me, I couldn’t accept mum had gone and went down hill, I stopped doing exercise and people that know me, know I love Zumba, I just didn’t want to do anything.”

“I let myself go, physically and mentally some days I didn’t want to be here.

“After chatting to docs which took a long time for me to admit I needed help, I thought every one else needed the doc’s appointment more than me and wasn’t going to waste their time, I didn’t want to admit I was a failure but thanks to a relative I got help from doctors,” she added.

Now that Tina is slowly getting enjoyment for exercise back, she decided to take up the physical challenge, which she started on June 16.

“I’m not keen on squats so I thought, ‘why not do 200 a day for 17 days up to the day mum passed away’. It will be challenging and hopefully raise money for Cancer Research UK,” said Tina.

Donations can be made via Tina’s fundraising page -

“I never thought cancer would hit us as a family. It is totally devastating and it nearly took me as well,” Tina told this newspaper.