It is still early days when it comes to gauging how much of a recovery the hospitality sector is going to make following the lockdown of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Friday, July 3 saw the reopening of some pubs and restaurants thanks to the easing of restrictions by the Executive and all around the county, people were venturing out for their lunch, dinner or even just a pint for the first time in months.

Damian Hanna, of Molly’s in Irvinestown said that business has not been too bad for the bar and restaurant but admits it is still early days.

“We have a bar and a restaurant so we have a pretty big space. It means we just need a couple of extra staff to cover all areas open so you can have the social distances and you are not putting people on top of each other.

“From Friday onwards its been ok. Its been different, its been strange but its fine. If the business stayed the same you would be happy enough.”

He does say that how busy they are during the week will be a good indicator of how things are looking for them.

“To be honest it’s a hard one and I said we have to wait and see what the weekdays bring. I change my tills about three times a day and you wonder is it worth your while today by the time you open up and put staff on during the day because you don’t have the pub.”

Damian does admit that one of the downsides of it is with those who just want to come in for a drink but under the regulations they would need to buy food as well.

It does seem however, that so far, so good for those businesses which did reopen but whether if business returns to how it was before, it will take some time.