The son of Brendan McManus who passed away peacefully on July 11 described his father as someone who always “had a smile for people”.

The 76 year old was well known in GAA and golfing circles around the county and it was evident to see by the guards of honour from Enniskillen Gaels and Castle Hume Golf Club as he was laid to rest on Tuesday, July 14.

Brendan’s son, Dara said the guards of honour were very much appreciated by the family and was comforting to see the many people pay their respects to his father.

Married for over 50 years to his beloved wife Ita, Dara said his father was a quiet man but not afraid to speak up if needed.

“He would have been a jovial enough sort of character, he always had a smile for people.

“He would have been a quiet enough man who kept himself to himself but if he had an opinion to give he would give it.”

A familiar face around Brewster Park and the Enniskillen Gaels club, Brendan was part of the championship winning teams in the 70s and also managed a number of players who went on to excel for both club and county.

As well as Gaelic football, golf was another keen interest and he was Castle Hume Golf Club President in 2017.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the house and funeral were private, and while they did get a large amount of messages just having the family at the house was a nice thing Dara said.

“My mother she would be a bit like him, they would be private people and it meant that it was only family about the house which was a nice thing in a way.

“In fairness there were 200 people on the Castlecoole Road as we headed to the chapel and as we headed to the graveyard Enniskillen Gaels did a guard of honour and we went down into the club and there was maybe over a 100 people there which was nice to see.”

Brendan had been fighting cancer since the end of last year and Dara said like most things “he took it in his stride”.

A good friend of his, Billy Martin also passed away from cancer and Dara said that loss would also have taken its toll on his father.

But in the end it was comforting for the family to be at his bedside as he passed away.

“He went very rapidly towards the end which was a good thing in a way because you don’t want to see anybody suffering and meant that it was over short and sharp thank God.

“He didn’t want to go into hospital, he wanted to stay at home and you wouldn’t blame him because you don’t get into hospital at the minute so it was a comfort the family being about.”

Brendan’s funeral took place on Tuesday, July 14 at St. Michael’s Church, Enniskillen followed by burial at Cross Cemetery.

Brendan is deeply regretted by his wife Ita, sons Emmett and Dara, daughters Noeleen and Tracy, grandchildren, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and wide family circle and friends.