A local councillor has condemned the increase in anti-social behaviour in Tempo.

Deborah Erskine of the DUP says there have been numerous reports in the last week of anti-social driving and criminal damage.

Police confirmed they had received a report of a broken window at a property in the village on July 13, with the incident believed to have occurred sometime on July 12.

“I am really disgusted to hear about the anti-social activity that has taken place in Tempo over the last week,” Councillor Erskine stated. “This is not representative of the people that live in the village and should not be allowed to continue.

“Tempo is always a village with a friendly atmosphere. Many people work hard to keep the area looking tidy, including Tempo Development Association who deserve praise for the work they do in particular. Locals have done so well in keeping to Government regulations, however a small minority set to undermine this.

“Criminal damage, anti-social driving offences and anti-social behaviour is totally unacceptable. It is putting lives and property at risk.”

After speaking to a number of people who live on the Main Street and in the village, Councillor Erskine said they are really frustrated that this activity is being allowed to happen.

“Everyone recognises that Covid restrictions have eased but not to the extent where you can break the law and not to the extent where you think you are invincible. The reality is laws and regulations are in place to protect people and nobody should think they are above the law and can bend it.”

She added that one eye witness told her that people sat in the middle of the road with traffic coming. “This is utterly ridiculous and dangerous. It’s scenes like this that are reminiscent of a city binge drinker culture, not a rural Fermanagh village. It’s not funny, it’s foolish.

“Pensioners that live on the Main Street should not be made feel afraid in their homes at night. Nor should they be subjected to this type of behaviour. Where has respect gone in our society?”

Councillor Erskine said each member of the Tempo community has a responsibility saying: “I’m calling it out as a representative and I hope others join with me in stopping this activity from being allowed to happen, as well as support an increased Police presence to stop this behaviour.

“Those involved need to face to the consequences and understand what their actions is doing to the honest, hard working people of Tempo.

“I will be continuing to speak to the Police about anti-social behaviour. I would urge anyone with information to bring that forward.”