A teenager facing multiple charges over the course of five days, including assaulting and supplying drugs to a child, as well as weapon possession, has been granted bail despite strong police objections.

Liam Swift (18) of Lackaboy View, Enniskillen told police he had access to guns, warning the child should be afraid as the IRA and paramilitaries would find out that she had reported him.

Appearing by video-link at Enniskillen Magistrates Court sitting in Dungannon, Swift was charged with two counts each of assaulting a female child and possessing a knife as well as supplying Ecstasy and being concerned in its supply.

Offending allegedly occurred on various dates between July 12 and 17.

A police officer confirmed the charges could be connected.

She explained Social Services contacted police after a child stated Swift had supplied her with Class A drugs, and also threatened her twice with a knife and sent sexually explicit messages.

The child told officers she and a friend had gone to a disused army base, out looking for another group of young people. No-one was there so they decided to leave but in doing so observed Swift and about nine other males, blocking the exit. He was holding a knife with a blade approximately eight inches long, which he was moving from said to side while shouting “come out you rats”.

The child was afraid he would hurt her and she found another way out.

Several days later the child entered a shop and observed Swift sitting on a freezer. When he saw her, he lifted his top showing the handle of a knife and laughed in an unpleasant manner.

The child remained in the shop until he left.

She knew Swift as he had previously given her drugs, which she didn’t want. He had joined the group she was with and repeatedly tried to talk to her. He claimed to have MDMA (Ecstasy), before placing white powder on his phone and passing this to the child, encouraging her to take it.

She declined but eventually gave in out of fear.

The officer explained Swift was extremely agitated during interview, claiming the child had been constantly contacting him and refused to leave him alone. He made countless allegations that she spread rumours he was paedophile. He stated she would be sorry and what he would do when he got out of custody.

As the interview progressed Swift became more aggressive telling police the child is “s*** scared of him because she knew who he was and would would happen. She knew the ‘Ra, paramilitaries and big boys would be after her.”

The officer stated: “When challenged about carrying knives he said they are useless and he has access to bigger weapons. He claims his mother has taken a gun off him and he could access AK47s.”

Swift, who is a priority offender managed by a specialist unit, was, said the officer, at high risk of reoffending and interference with the young injured party.

“His drug use has escalated as has his behaviour and involvement in crime. He recently spent time in prison for burgling his parents house while they were on holiday. On release he returned to the family home but has slipped back into his previous habits, to the extent his parents have removed their address for bail.”

A defence solicitor said his client denies culpability and has witnesses who have yet to be spoken to.

He argued bail could be granted pointing out the parents may now take him back, and any risk could be managed by conditions.

District Judge Eamon King agreed to release Swift but to an address outside Enniskillen approved by police. He must have no contact with the child or any witnesses and is banned from consuming alcohol or drugs or any time.