Returning Year Eight and Year 12 students at St. Aidan’s, Derrylin took part in workshops on Tuesday, September 1 around starting a new school and the psychological and physical well being of pupils.

Stephen Beattie from AB Coaching took the students through various exercises on the day which gave them the resilience of starting a new school or returning to school in what is very changed times.

The Year Eight workshop focused on ‘Processing a new start at a new school’.

It explored some questions which developed a greater understanding of why things are different at school in terms of the school days and safety precautions.

The workshop also explored a basic introduction to what resilience is and how important it is to the students’ wellbeing before finishing with a detailed look at self care and the importance of practicing it regularly.

The Year 12’s session was focused on the psychological and physical well being of the students.

Their workshop consisted of two part. Part one focusses on educating the students’ awareness of resilience and its importance of contributing towards our well being.

The second part of the workshop focused on looking at the areas of their lives where they could identify and start to take a little more control off while adjusting to the new normal. These areas included physical health, mindset, worry and focus.

Commenting on the day, Aidan Beattie said: “A great bunch of staff and pupils and I am really looking forward to working with St. Aidan’s again in the future.”