Sinn Féin MLA, Jemma Dolan has invited the Minister for Infrastructure to visit Galliagh Shore to inspect the ongoing sewerage problems at the housing development in Enniskillen.

During questions to the Minister at in the Assembly Chamber at Stormont on Monday, Miss Dolan asked Nichola Mallon (pictured right) if she was aware of the “unacceptable sewerage problems” that are facing the residents of Galliagh Shore.

In response, Minister Mallon said: “I am aware of the unacceptable situation in Galliagh Shore. It is a very complex situation, as the water and sewerage system is not owned by Northern Ireland Water, although Northern Ireland Water has, on a few occasions, stepped in to pump when the situation was particularly bad.

“It is a very complicated issue, but it is one that I am looking at. I am very mindful that Northern Ireland Water does not have the resources to fulfil its statutory duties and obligations, and the situation in Galliagh Shore is outside those statutory obligations. However, I am willing to engage with the Finance Minister to see whether he might be able to assist in finding a financial solution to the situation.”

Miss Dolan then asked if the Minister would accompany her on a visit to Galliagh Shore to reassure the residents that the issues will be addressed to which Minister Mallon responded: “I am always happy to meet residents. For that meeting to be as useful as possible, it would be important that I have engagement with the Finance Minister in the first instance so that, when I go to Galliagh Shore, I can update residents on the progress of the negotiations.”

In 2006 Carncourt Properties completed the second phase of Galliagh Shore. Much to the horror of all the owners, the builders were permitted to have Building Control pass all the houses and sell on to these families without ensuring that they had complied with all the legal requirements to enable the sewers to be adopted by Northern Ireland Water (NIW). Soon afterwards the builder was declared bankrupt and in the liquidation of the company, the estate was abandoned.

The Official Receiver advised residents that they were on their own as the estate was a liability no one would take on.