Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland met with representatives of the South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) last Friday, October 2.

The MP for Sheffield Heeley had requested to meet with SEFF to learn more about the organisation's work, its concerns and hopes for the future.

Speaking after the meeting, SEFF's Director of Services Kenny Donaldson said they welcomed the opportunity to engage with Ms. Haigh, the Labour Party's Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

"Prior to her visit to SEFF's offices we had engaged with her via Zoom. We were encouraged that she felt it important enough to come visit the organisation and to engage with our representatives and families, the latter sharing horrific lived experiences with her".

A range of issues were discussed including; legacy and possible next steps, the pension for the seriously injured, the services the organisation provides to GB-based victims/survivors from their London base and the mental health crisis and the specific pressures experienced by victims/survivors of 'The Troubles'. They also discussed SEFF's capital project plans for a new Victims Centre.

"We found Ms. Haigh to be well briefed and engaging and we look forward to building a positive working relationship with her. SEFF is non-Party political and we have connections and relationships with all democratically motivated political parties across Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland".

"Ms. Haigh left with SEFF with a very clear understanding of the nature of the terrorist campaign waged by The Provisional IRA in County Fermanagh, a campaign which was motivated by ethnic and sectarian influences. The Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland left understanding the critical and fundamental issue; that SEFF's ethos is rooted in the Truth that there was no justification for the use of criminal violence in the furtherance of or defence of a political objective. That representation of the Truth is what guides our work day by day," concluded Mr Donaldson.

Commenting Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Louise Haigh said: “It was an honour to meet with the victims and survivors of the Troubles today, and humbling to hear their stories first hand. SEFF do vital work supporting those affected by The Troubles right across the U.K, who all too often feel forgotten. It is vital they get the support they need, particularly the victims pension, which they have had to wait too long for.”