THE South East Fermanagh Foundation's (SEFF) eighth annual Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving was held in Lisbellaw on Sunday, October 4.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, it was not possible to hold the Service in the intended venue of Lisbellaw Methodist Church. Instead, the Service facilitated by Rev. Dr. Stephen Skuce was held in the open air in nearby Crawford's Sawmill yard.

SEFF's Director of Services, Kenny Donaldson, said they were determined as an organisation to hold an Annual Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They adjusted their plans to ensure that the Service could be held in a manner which was compliant with the Government and PHA guidelines.

Mr. Donaldson said: "This was achieved and, importantly, those attending the Service were able to congregate together as the SEFF family to remember loved ones stolen away from families and communities, but also to rejoice in lives well lived.

"[The Service facilitated us] to offer solidarity and support to families of the bereaved, as well as to those who suffer physical or psychological injury as a result of a terrorist campaign, including their carers.

"We are indebted to Lisbellaw Methodist Church members, to Rev. Dr. Stephen Skuce, and to the management of Crawford's Sawmills yard for facilitating us with our Service this year.

"We also thank all others who assisted in any way with preparations, and the actual delivery of the Service on the day."

He continued: "Most importantly, we acknowledge the involvement and contribution of three locally-based families within the content of the Service who have paid a heavy price as a result of the terrorist campaign - the families of D/Con Derek Breen, Cpl Albert Beacom, both murdered, and the family of Grant Weir, a Pte in the UDR who was left physically and psychologically injured as a result of a terrorist bomb attack near Rosslea in 1979.

"The core theme of this year's Service was about trials and adversity, and how we must support one another in getting through these ever-challenging times.

"The Service was wonderfully facilitated by Rev. Dr. Skuce, with a strong thread of hope running throughout.

"The SEFF family is strong and committed, and will continue to persevere in unity over the coming months and years," said Mr. Donaldson.