There has been a further death as a result of Covid-19 in Fermanagh and Omagh.

This is the first death recorded in the district for a number of months.

The death is one of three deaths recorded in Northern Ireland today. This is the first death in the district since May and brings the total number of deaths in the district to 12.

There are 34 new cases of Covid-19 in Fermanagh and Omagh confirmed today by The Department of Health, bringing the total of cases in the district to 714. This number includes postive cases from the weekend when 34 (Friday) and 31 (Saturday) people were tested positive.

In the past week ( October 5 - October 11) there have been 260 positive cases of the virus in Fermanagh in comparison to the previous week (September 28 - October 4) when there were 139 postive cases in the district. 

46 cases were in people aged 19 and under;  105 between the ages of 20 and 39; 58 cases in those aged between 40 and 59, 41 cases between 60 and 79 and 10 in those aged 80 and over.

The total number of postive cases in Northern Ireland for the past seven days was 6,161. Across Northern Ireland the age group with the highest number of cases was those aged between 20 and 30

The seven day 'R' rate for positives case per 100k people has increased in Fermanagh with a rate of 222.5 per 100k people for the week (October 5 - 11). The R rate for the previous seven days was 119.0 cases per 100k people.

There are currently 13 inpatients in the South West Acute Hospital.

There are currently 14 confirmed Nursing Home outbreaks with 11 suspected outbreaks across Northern Ireland.