A series of incidents of anti-social behaviour at Quay Lane car park, Enniskillen have been reported this week, including a “deliberate” fire at an electrical substation which left hundreds of local residents and businesses without power.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) were called out to tackle the fire at the NI Water Service/NIE substation at Quay Lane car park in the early hours of Wednesday morning (October 14).

A spokeswoman for the NIFRS stated: “Firefighters used four jets to extinguish the fire. The incident was under control by 4.02am and the cause of the fire is believed to be deliberate ignition.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) are currently investigating this incident which caused severe disruption to the power supply in the town.

It is believed at this time that items were placed against the substation and set alight sometime around 1am on Wednesday morning. Severe damage has been caused to the substation and the electrical equipment inside as a result.

‘Disgraceful act’

PSNI Inspector Scott Fallis said: “This disgraceful and completely irresponsible act not only caused major disruption to the town but will cost many thousands of pounds from the public purse to repair.

“The electricity supply to over one hundred businesses and homes and traffic lights in the town was affected for some time throughout the night and it is only due to the hard work of NIE and NI Water Service staff, who worked tirelessly throughout the night alongside Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service staff, that the power was reinstated this morning (Wednesday).”

Earlier this week, the PSNI received reports from local residents concerning anti-social behaviour in the Quay Lane car park in the early hours of Sunday, October 11. A spokesman for the PSNI told The Impartial Reporter that "Police attended and dispersed the crowd".


Following on from concerns around this Police were then in the area again on Sunday evening. Behaviour ranged from throwing fireworks at vehicles to sounding horns and racing around the park.

Police action resulted in ten motorists issued with Fixed Penalty Tickets relating to excessive speed, vehicular faults, misuse of mobile phone, one vehicle was seized, a number or seizure warnings given, one Fixed Penalty Ticket issued for disorderly behaviour and one person arrested for Public Order and Obstruction Offences.

PSNI Inspector Rory Hoy said: “Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing issue within the area but we hope that the action taken can serve as a warning to those who think it is acceptable to put their lives and the lives of others at risk. Road safety is one of our top priorities so all motorists should ensure they meet driving and vehicle standards to allow the community to be a safer place for everyone.”

“In addition to this, respect for each other and the community is paramount. The effects of this anti-social behaviour strongly impacts the lives of those around them and we must ensure that everyone can feel safe and at ease in the comfort of their home.”

Residents’ anger

A local resident of the Quay Lane area shared his outrage at the anti-social behaviour over the weekend which he says has been a regular occurrence over the last 15 to 20 years.

“As residents we’re fed up with the whole thing,” he said, adding: “There’s only one solution to this and that’s to close the car park.”

“There’s residents here talking about selling their houses and it’s [the anti-social behaviour] not going away. The Council own the car park and I think they have a duty to us as residents, we have a right to live in peace,” he told this newspaper.

Another local resident who has continually been disturbed at night by the anti-social behaviour at the car park shared his concerns about the recent fire at the electrical substation: “Where are they going to stop? Are they going to come to me and start burning me out too? What’s Enniskillen gone to?

“There seems to be no respect for the people who live in this area. I just want a quiet life, I want no hassle,” he concluded.