AN UP and coming Fermanagh filmmaker is to premiere his debut film next week at the IMC cinema, Enniskillen.

Paddy Duffy, from Enniskillen, will showcase his first feature-length film, ‘Longdon’, on October 23 to a restricted and limited audience, coronavirus regulations permitting.

A recent graduate in Film Studies and Production from Queen’s University, Belfast, Paddy created the film through his own production company, Cat’s In The Cradle Productions, over three years, which has been concurrent with his studies.

“The film has been produced and directed by myself, and I also act as a main role in the production,” Paddy told The Impartial Reporter, adding that he is joined in the cast by a number of well-known local actors, including John Kane and Paul Doherty.

‘Longdon’ is based on themes from the Falklands War in 1982, and has involved inputs from around 30 local actors and support crew roles.

Talking about the setting for his production, Paddy said: “All the work has been based on previous field research about the Falklands because it is a very unique landscape.”

He continued: “I went around places like Cuilcagh, Topped Mountain and even Mullaghmore in Sligo to get the right terrain and external settings in order to replicate the Falklands terrain correctly.

“The imagery and settings overall replicate life as it was in 1982 on that island.

“As a producer and director, I also acknowledge the input and support of many local and regional interest and stakeholders in making the production a reality,” he added.

Paddy outlined the narrative of the film as follows.

“As tensions heighten within the Falklands War, Sergeant John McBride leads a small squad of divided soldiers on a daring mission to capture the main enemy position on the island, Mount Longdon.

“The film essentially centres on the journey and impact experienced by two brothers who have been directly involved in the conflict,” added Paddy, noting that it also focuses on the futility of war and, conversely, the importance of patriotism.


“They are key considerations for the viewer.”

Explaining that the release of the film has been somewhat delayed because of Covid-19, Paddy said: “It is a bit of a shame but now, with due regard to associate imperatives and safety measures, the production has been scheduled to have its launch in the IMC cinema in Enniskillen on Friday, October 23.

“It is a restricted and limited audience, of course, with strict adherence to Covid-19 risk management and provisions.”

Disappointed that he can’t open the premiere to the general public due to coronavirus restrictions, Paddy hopes to release the film to a wider audience at a later date.