The Department of Health is now releasing figures for positive cases in the past seven day by postcodes as well as by local government district.

This new initive comes as Northern Ireland (NI) records its highest number of new cases of Coronavirus cases since the current testing regime began.

There are four additional patients in the South West Acute Hospital (SWAH) bringing the total number of patients to 14.

There were two deaths recorded across NI and no new deaths recorded in Fermanagh and Omagh in the past 24 hours period, according to The Department of Health. The total number of deaths as a result of Covid-19 now stands at 608 deaths, with 13 of those recorded in Fermanagh and Omagh. 

There were 45 cases of Coronavirus across Fermanagh and Omagh recorded yesterday by the Department of Health. In the past week (October 9 - October 15) there have been 267 new cases and they have been broken down by the Department into the following postcodes: Some 26 cases in BT74, 39 cases in BT92, four cases in BT93 and 18 cases in BT94. 

Some 54 cases were in people aged 19 and under; 98 cases were between the ages of 20 and 39; 78 cases were in those aged between 40 and 59, 34 cases were between 60 and 79 and nine cases were in those aged 80 and over.

There have been a total of 879 cases recorded in Fermanagh and Omagh.

There were a record-breaking 1,299 new cases across NI. The total number of positive cases in NI for the past seven days were 6,708 new cases.

The seven-day 'R' rate for positives case per 100k people has increased in Fermanagh,  with a rate of 233.7 per 100k people for the week (October 9 - 15). The R rate for the previous seven days was cases 216.6 per 100k people.

There are currently 14 in-patients in the SWAH. This is an increase of four patients from yesterday.

There are 50 in-patients across the Western Trust. There have been 45 admissions to the Trust  and 40 discharges in the past seven days. There are 213 in-patients in hospital across NI with the virus.

Some 26 people are on Covid ICU beds across NI. There are 20 Covid-19 patients on ventilators across NI.

There are currently 72 confirmed nursing home outbreaks, with 10  suspected care home outbreaks across NI.

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