Just one day after being admitted to bail for repeated breaches of conditions, a convicted sex-offender was arrested again, but this time he was not released.

It was the third time in as many days Derek Albert Gault (51) from Sligo Road, Enniskillen was detected, coming on top of numerous other breaches, which police believe may exceed 100.

Following arrest, bail would be granted despite strong objections, in the latest, he “ran out of rope.”

Gault who uses a wheelchair but can walk short distances is currently accused of offending on four occasions between 21 January and 1 March involving various allegations of exposure and indecency. He is currently subject to a suspended prison sentence after exposing himself and sexually assaulting a woman.

Seven further matters are coming through the court system.

During a special sitting of Dungannon Magistrates Court on Saturday morning Gault appearing by video-link said: “I want out today.”

He is charged with using disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest on 16 October.

Asked if he understood, Gault angrily replied: “I’m saying nothing.”

A police officer said the charges could be connected and opposed release, pointing to numerous breaches of bail and Covid regulations.

She said Gault was yet again causing a nuisance at premises from which he is banned, before making off when officers arrived, shouting loudly and swearing continually.

“Local residents are continually exposed to his indecent behaviour. He blatantly disregards the law and continues to breach bail and Covid restrictions. He has no feelings for his community and his behaviour has become intolerable.”

Previously courts heard of him blocking shop doorways, harassing customers and asking children to push him home in his wheelchair.

Last week he allegedly wheeled himself into a trolley bay, stood up to urinate.

District Judge Barney McElholm noted the extent of breaches and in respect of Covid remarked: “Does this man think he can behave how he pleases, never mind the rest of the community?”

A defence lawyer requested bail with a warning against breaching conditions, but the Judge replied: “I’m sure that was explained on the three previous occasions this week alone. He can’t go on like this. He’s run out of rope.”

Rejecting bail, Judge McElholm said: “This man is clearly refusing to abide by any conditions. If there is something mentally wrong, that’s a matter for the mental health services to deal with. There’s a notion that these people can be thrown into the criminal justice system and we can somehow magically solve their problems. We don’t have the power or the resources. I have been railing against the lack of proper mental health services for a long time and nothing’s been done. But this man cannot be allowed to continue to harass and menace the general public. He;s been given chance after chance after chance. If I left him out, he’ll just continue.”

Gault will appear again by video-link at Enniskillen Magistrates Court later this month.

Last week it emerged he has “a common trend of exposing his genitals” and in July was outside his property completely naked, in full view of a dementia unit. When challenged he responded: “F*** away off. Mind your own business. I can do whatever I want”

Prior to that, he smeared excretions on a communal hallway.

A psychological assessment in 2019 found Gault has capacity and knows what he is doing is wrong. He can walk unaided for about 100 yards and has been known to abandon his wheelchair, obstructing vehicles, then approach on foot asking for money.