FERMANAGH-based disinfectant company McElwaine Technical has just announced a £250,000 investment with the installation of one of Europe’s largest electrochemical activation (ECA) manufacturing units at its Lisnaskea headquarters.

The unit will produce Optizan – a disinfectant and antiseptic based on hypochlorous acid, which is made naturally by the white blood cells in mammals and is used for healing and protection. It kills bacteria, spores and viruses.

The company’s Managing Director, Neville McElwaine, said: “Providing households with an ecologically-sound alternative to toxic disinfectants is a motivation in itself, but we have identified a large number of other markets.

“Many are questioning accepted standards and asking how disinfection technologies can move closer to nature. Optizan is responding to those questions with evidence-based science.”

The company plans to export Optizan throughout Europe and the Middle East, where the market for environmentally-friendly disinfection is rapidly expanding.