A CONVICTED sex offender who has recently served the equivalent of a six-month prison sentence for multiple instances of indecency is facing a new count of exposure, which allegedly occurred prior to the last matters being dealt with in court.

Derek Gault (51), from Sligo Road, Enniskillen, previously denied six separate sets of charges but was found guilty on all counts, which occurred on various dates between January and October, 2020.

An appeal was dismissed and Gault served the penalty handed down for these matters as well as an activated suspended sentence for a previous incident, in which he sexually assaulted and exposed himself to a female carer.

Defence lawyers argued the care Gault is receiving in supported accommodation “is inadequate”.

Calling for a multi-agency approach, the defence said: “The court can only keep him in custody for a time-limited period, after which he will be back in exactly the same position as before.

‘Acute needs’

“He has acute needs that the care system has not catered for. His care needs haven’t been met, and are certainly not being attended to in custody.”

The defence also pointed to Gault having “certain needs in that department”.

However, Judge Brian Sherrard referenced a psychiatric report, remarking: “He knows well what he is doing. It appears to me he has avoided facing up to his responsibilities concerning his own actions.

“He is clearly immature, [and] has alcohol problems, but is capable of recognising what is right and wrong in terms of his behaviour.”

It is understood that, on release from custody, Gault was to return to his previous residence, although moves are under way to have him evicted.

Enniskillen Magistrate’s Court heard he is now accused of intentionally exposing himself on July 24, 2020 to cause alarm or distress.

District Judge Steven Keown adjourned the case for mention on January 13.