A Fermanagh author has penned an updated version of his book focusing on the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC).

David McCann from Enniskillen, has updated his 2013 novel The Green Fella. His new book can now be purchased

David’s new book, a lockdown project is titled The Green Fella has been updated with six new chapters and is now available as both an e-Book and as a printed paper copy.

The book is “loosely based” on history with some fictional elements, one of which is the use of Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone as a setting for the novel as many have reminded David over the years that there was never an RIC barracks in the Monaghan town. David revealed that he chose that setting due to it having a railway station which is a key part of his story.

David explained his interest and said: “That era (1920-1922) in history is my main area of interest, I’ve read up on everything in that era. I wrote the book just to give people an idea what happened in that era.”

Some of the history has been simplified a bit but David said: “When you’re writing a book you do need to simplify parts of it, you need to try and keep things simple.”

Readers may be familiar with David’s two films, Sgt Collins RIC and The Green Fella which are available to watch via Youtube. The two films follow the same era and same characters that come to life in David’s books. The film Sgt Collins won The Spotlight Award: Short and was commended for having a great location, excellent score, being well acted, good costume design and for being “a big undertaking for a short film with some really nice set pieces.”

David is considering writing another book to allow his novels to become a trilogy. He said: “If I was writing more books I would probably be going further back in time and back in history and maybe write a novel set from 1912 onwards.”

David’s novel The Green Fella can be purchased from Amazon.