This week local film production company ASTRL Pictures received their biggest news to date.

Their recent short film production titled 'Rois Des Chevaux' has been selected for its first awards at the Cannes Short Film Festival. These include 'Best Student Short' and 'Best Student Director'.

Riagáin Grainger of ASTRL Pictures posted to Facebook earlier this week: "As I said this is the biggest news we have ever gotten, this festival is known all across the world and is the biggest opportunity to showcase our work to date."

"Days like these make us incredibly proud of what we do here at ASTRL Pictures, hopefully more news to follow," he said.

This follows the success of ASTRL Pictures award-winning film 'A brief inquisition into the Luxury Dining Experience (and the world of food)' which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Making this production was an incredible journey. Both the cast and crew are phenomenal and incredibly talented, and it really shows. After lockdown, it felt great to be able to back on-set, it was a pleasure to work alongside everyone, it felt like home. We’ve managed to showcase this finished feature across the globe, from Istanbul to Venice to LA, with over 40+ awards. It makes it all worth it.