The AQE transfer test which was scheduled to be held next month has been cancelled.

The examination had been rescheduled until February 27 but the organisation has confirmed today, Wednesday, it will not be holding any exams this academic year.

Enniskillen Royal Grammar School (ERGS) was the only grammar school in Fermanagh to be holding the AQE exam and up until the announcement today, the school was still believed to be holding the one-off exam in February.

In a statement, AQE said that due to the "uncertainty about the potential for an extended lockdown" the board recommended to schools who were members of AQE that no exams take place in this academic year.

The statement continued: "The health and safety of the children due to sit the exams is our top priority. As we cannot guarantee that the Executive will not extend the lockdown period at this stage, we do not want to cause any distress to the children and their parents by extending this period of uncertainty. We know these are anxious times for many.

We will be writing to parent individually over the coming days to confirm these arrangements. We hope this will end the period of uncertainty for the children who have been working so hard for these assessments. We wish to thank the Minister for Education and his officials for their support."