FERMANAGH singer-songwriter Jozef Michael Rigo has recently released his deeply personal and emotional second single.

Entitled, ‘Monsters In My Head’, Jozef – who is from Enniskillen but is currently based in Newcastle – explained that the song is about his experiences of being bullied and how he found the strength to get through hard times.

“There’s lyrics such as, ‘I’m standing here on my own feeling frightened of the voices in my head, telling me to just let go’.

“It’s a very deep first verse which potentially talks about someone taking their own life.

“Some people have them thoughts in their mind probably every single day and that’s what the voices in our head are. It’s something I went through when I was younger getting bullied,” said Jozef, explaining that he found the inner strength to stop listening to his bullies and move on with his life.

He described his new song as “very different” from his first song, ‘I Don’t Need You Anymore’, which he released in late 2020.

“It was a fun, dance song whereas this one is a very deep, quiet ballad and it’s very emotional,” he said.

‘Monsters In My Head’ is also featured in a short film called ‘Therapy’, which was released last Friday, January 22.

“Therapy is a short film by the amazing upcoming talent, Anna Rosie Frior, who has been working for production companies around Newcastle,” said Jozef.

He added: “I wrote ‘Monsters In My Head’ for the the movie and for my album, ‘Moonlight’, which is hopefully going to be released when lockdown ends.”

Talking about his songwriting, Jozef said: “I don’t write music to become this massive big star because it’s not going to happen overnight – I write music because I love it.”

“When I record a song and release it, it’s amazing,” he added.

The music video for ‘Monsters In My Head’, by Jozef Michael Rigo, is now available to watch via YouTube.