THE question of the transfer of the townlands in the Clones No. 2 Rural District to Lisnaskea Union was again discussed at Lisnaskea Guardians on Saturday.

The Clerk of Clones Union forwarded a resolution of protest.

When this communication was read at Lisnaskea, Mr. Wm. Irvine moved that the letter be marked ‘read’ and Mr. Fleming seconded.

The Chairman proposed that the letter be inserted on the Minutes.

Mr. W. Bryson expressed the opinion that there was no use discussing the matter at all.

‘There is every use,’ replied the Chairman, ‘because it is the most absurd thing in the world. It will be discussed again and will only be humbug when all is over, as Partition will never come to maturity.’

Mr. Wm. Irvine declared that they would try it anyway.

The letter was marked read and the Chairman said there was not a Unionist merchant in the North of Ireland but was opposed to Partition, and any man who had any stake in the country was against it.

Mr. Irvine – There are people who have a bigger stake in the country than you have.

Chairman – We do not steal or rob.

Mr. Irvine said it was better to steal than to be killing people.

The Chairman said there was no killing.

Mr. W. Irvine referred to the number of murders that were reported in that day’s paper, and said they would see another side of the business before long.

The discussion took an acrimonious turn. Mr. Irvine was talking in a loud voice, and the Chairman told him to conduct himself.

Mr. Irvine made an observation about loopholes in Liberty Hall, and the Chairman defied Mr. Irvine to say anything against him.

Mr. Irvine defied the Chairman to say anything against him, adding – ‘I do not care about you or anybody else who takes your place.’